ZKBoost now available for purchase in the US

Picture of ZKBoost plant media enhancer 420 gram size box

ZKsciences is happy to announce that our ZKBoost plant growth enhancer is now available for purchase in the United States.

Interested customers may purchase ZKBoost directly from the ZKsciences web store, or purchase from Amazon.com. ZKBoost is available in small and medium sizes for home gardeners and professional cultivators with container grown plants.

Our patent-pending ZKBoost plant growth enhancer brings ZKsciences’ plant growth boosting technology to growers who are using higher porosity loose growing media including coconut coir, peat moss, container mixes such as Sunshine Mix and Pro-Mix, and coco-based and peat-based living soils. ZKBoost enhances nutrient availability to plant roots by boosting the grow media’s cation exchange capacity (CEC) – the ability for your growing media to provide macronutrients and micronutrients to your plants’ roots for uptake. ZKBoost regulates nutrient and moisture availability over the growing cycle to promote more healthy and vigorous plants and better growing results.

ZK GrowFactor: starting up large-scale trials

One of the first good challenges to hit ZKSciences came soon after we started seeing great results with the first of our engineered zeolites: how do we scale up our trials to get from neat anecdotes to statistically valid data? While some of us are skilled hobbyist gardeners, we knew we needed help in order to really know how much of an improvement the ZK GrowFactor™ family of zeolites offers over traditional natural zeolites.

After a long search, ZKSciences teamed up with InnoTech Alberta to design and run a large-scale trial of the ZK GrowFactor zeolites on cannabis plants. We’re proud to be working with InnoTech Alberta, who are leaders in industrial agricultural and cannabis research.

We had an important question to answer: how many plants does it take to run a statistically useful multi-variable research study? Over the field of several ZK GrowFactor zeolite family members, different levels of soil supplement with these zeolites, and different grow media (PRO-MIX® and traditional potting soil) – it turns out we needed a lot of plants! Almost 200, it turns out! And to get 200 good, useful plants one needs to germinate a lot of seedlings. Over 700 seedlings to make sure there are enough good seedlings for this ZK GrowFactor trial. That’s a lot of seedlings, as you can see here:

We’re excited to see what this trial tells us! Stay tuned for more information as our trials continue!

Seed funding and welcoming investors aboard

Exciting news! After a lot of discussion, getting to know each other, working with each other – and paperwork! – we can announce that Genesis Capital of Edmonton, Alberta has invested seed funding in ZKSciences and is joining the ZKSciences board of directors. Learn more at http://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/10/09/1927580/0/en/Genesis-Capital-announces-investment-in-ZKSciences-Incorporated.html .

We’ve already been working with principals at Genesis – Kerry Brown and Josh Puchailo – throughout the summer and fall, and want to thank them for their help in refining our plans, our plant trials going on through the rest of the year and into the winter, and in helping us to validate the need and value of the soil amendment family we’ve developed. Now, we’re happy to be able to take the wraps off this news and formally welcome them to the ZKSciences team.

The ZK GrowFactor™ family of engineered zeolites represent a significant new frontier in soil amendment. In our trials to date, we’ve seen radical improvements in plant yields, in flower bloom quality, and in resistance to severe cold and low water conditions. Genesis’s investment is instrumental in facilitating our external, large-scale trials currently underway.

Stay tuned for more information! And if you’ll be at the Green Industry Show and Conference in Calgary next month, stop over at booth #1010 and say hello!

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