ZKBoost now available for purchase in the US

ZKsciences is happy to announce that our ZKBoost plant growth enhancer is now available for purchase in the United States.

Interested customers may purchase ZKBoost directly from the ZKsciences web store, or purchase from Amazon.com. ZKBoost is available in small and medium sizes for home gardeners and professional cultivators with container grown plants.

Our patent-pending ZKBoost plant growth enhancer brings ZKsciences’ plant growth boosting technology to growers who are using higher porosity loose growing media including coconut coir, peat moss, container mixes such as Sunshine Mix and Pro-Mix, and coco-based and peat-based living soils. ZKBoost enhances nutrient availability to plant roots by boosting the grow media’s cation exchange capacity (CEC) – the ability for your growing media to provide macronutrients and micronutrients to your plants’ roots for uptake. ZKBoost regulates nutrient and moisture availability over the growing cycle to promote more healthy and vigorous plants and better growing results.

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