ZK GrowFactor: starting up large-scale trials

One of the first good challenges to hit ZKSciences came soon after we started seeing great results with the first of our engineered zeolites: how do we scale up our trials to get from neat anecdotes to statistically valid data? While some of us are skilled hobbyist gardeners, we knew we needed help in order to really know how much of an improvement the ZK GrowFactor™ family of zeolites offers over traditional natural zeolites.

After a long search, ZKSciences teamed up with InnoTech Alberta to design and run a large-scale trial of the ZK GrowFactor zeolites on cannabis plants. We’re proud to be working with InnoTech Alberta, who are leaders in industrial agricultural and cannabis research.

We had an important question to answer: how many plants does it take to run a statistically useful multi-variable research study? Over the field of several ZK GrowFactor zeolite family members, different levels of soil supplement with these zeolites, and different grow media (PRO-MIX® and traditional potting soil) – it turns out we needed a lot of plants! Almost 200, it turns out! And to get 200 good, useful plants one needs to germinate a lot of seedlings. Over 700 seedlings to make sure there are enough good seedlings for this ZK GrowFactor trial. That’s a lot of seedlings, as you can see here:

We’re excited to see what this trial tells us! Stay tuned for more information as our trials continue!

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