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ZKsciencesTM ZKBoostTM plant growth enhancer supports greater plant flower growth and increased yields for plants grown in higher porosity media such as Pro-Mix®, coconut coir, peat moss, lower density potting mixes such as Fox Farm® and similar container growing media. ZKBoost brings the patent-pending technology of our ZK GrowFactorTM engineered zeolite technology to professional and advanced hobbyist and home growers.

In an independent third-party trial conducted by Innotech Alberta, ZKBoost was shown to bring an average increase or over 40% in flower yields in plants grown in Pro-Mix HP-M.

ZKBoost increases yields without any changes to your plant growing cycle, lighting levels, watering levels or schedules or to your existing feeding regime. Simply mix in ZKBoost before putting your grow media into your pots. Then plant, grow and harvest your plants as normal – and achieve increased yields at harvest time!

Click here to learn more about the ZK GrowFactor zeolite technology in our ZKBoost plant growth enhancer.

ZKBoost turbocharges plant growth

ZKBoost accelerates your plants’ growth through advanced science. Our proprietary mineral media additive provides

  • Greater plant root nutrient uptake: ZKBoost increases growing media cation exchange capacity (CEC) resulting in greater nutrient availability to your plants
  • Moisture and nutrient regulation: ZKBoost regulates cationic nutrient and moisture availability over the course of the growing cycle. ZKBoost stores moisture and nutrients when these are abundant and makes these available to your plants as they are depleted from the surrounding media
  • Pre-loaded macro- and micro-nutrients that are steadily released over the course of the growing cycle

Simply mix ZKBoost into your growing media before planting, then plant and grow as you normally do. No other changes to your growing process are needed!

ZKBoost doesn’t take the place of your current nutrient schedule – it increases the effectiveness of the nutrients you already add to your growing media over the course of your growing cycle.

ZKBoost is effective for all growing stages: vegetation, blooming, flowering and fruit formation.

How ZKBoost works

ZKBoost features higher surface area and more cation exchange capacity per unit of surface area than media particles and other media additives.

The greater surface area increases both cation and moisture holding versus growing media alone. Increased cation exchange turbocharges nutrient uptake by plant root hairs. Additionally, the multi-sited geometry of ZKBoost better facilitates moisture and nutrient storage and exchange at a molecular level versus other supplements. Together, these promote healthier plant roots, vigorous plant growth and increased yields.

What Are Users Saying About ZKBoost?

“The tomatoes with your stuff are going to be at least twice the size of the others”

Kate H., Alberta

“I started my grow with your enhancer and definitely got great results. The media enhancer made the plant so vigorous during the vegetation period”

Ray C., Illinois

How to purchase

US and Canada residents can purchase ZKBoost via our website with free shipping in the contiguous 48 states.

Bulk purchase inquiries may be directed to hello@zksciences.com.

Frequently asked questions

Please see our ZKBoost frequently asked questions for answers to common questions about how to use ZKBoost.

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