About ZKBoost

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ZKsciencesTM ZKBoostTM plant growing media enhancer supports greater plant flower growth and increased yields for plants grown in higher porosity media such as Pro-Mix®, coconut coir, sphagnum peat moss and coco- or peat-based living soils. ZKBoost brings the patent-pending technology of our ZK GrowFactorTM engineered zeolite technology to professional and advanced hobbyist and home growers.

In an independent third-party trial conducted by Innotech Alberta, ZKBoost was shown to bring an average increase or over 40% in final dried flower yields in plants grown in Pro-Mix HP-M.

ZKBoost increases yields without any changes to your plant growing cycle, lighting levels, watering levels or schedules or to your existing feeding regime. Simply mix in ZKBoost before putting your grow media into your pots. Then plant, grow and harvest your plants as normal – and achieve increased yields at harvest time!

US residents can purchase ZKBoost via our website with free shipping in the contiguous 48 states.

Bulk purchase inquiries may be directed to hello@zksciences.com.