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For thousands of years, zeolites – mineral compounds which adsorb water and help to regulate moisture and nutrients in soil – have been used as a natural additive to enhance plant yields. Usually mined from natural formations, zeolites increase plant yield and growth quality for gardeners and farmers alike. By stabilizing soil moisture and nutrient levels, buffering soil acidity and enhancing opportunities for plants to absorb vital minerals, zeolites are a proven effective soil additive.

ZKSciences introduces a radical upgrade to zeolite performance for accelerating plant growth with our patent-pending ZK GrowFactor engineered zeolites. Dr. Steven Kuznicki has engineered the next generation of synthetic zeolites for plant and agricultural applications. Based on Dr. Kuznicki’s decades of work in zeolites for air and water purification, ZK GrowFactor technology represents a breakthrough in soil additives for increasing grow yields and plant quality.

Many studies have shown natural zeolites able to increase crop yields by 50% or more. Pilot studies of ZK GrowFactor technology have seen an additional 30% to 50% increase over and above natural zeolite usage. ZK GrowFactor is poised to bring breakthrough results for commercial high-value agricultural and for serious recreational gardeners alike. Greater yields and better plants with less effort are within reach.

ZK GrowFactor technology is currently available in early-access form in sample quantities and for qualified test inquiries. Interest should be directed to hello@zksciences.com.

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