Back from GISC 2019!

We’ve had a lot to catch up on since getting back from the Green Industry Show and Conference last week in Calgary. Over the course of two days, we had the chance to meet some great people in the nursery and greenhouse space as well as retail and wholesale plant material distributors. As a group where many of us are coming from a variety of different backgrounds, we all really appreciate the help and advice that so many different people were willing to give us as we move through our pre-production and trial phases.
We were also positively surprised by the number of people we found who are interested in trying out our ZK GrowFactor zeolite soil amendments in their own nurseries, greenhouses and environments. Right now we’re working towards scaling up our pre-production capacity to support everyone who has expressed interest in running a trial with ZK GrowFactor. We’re aiming to be able to start sending trial material out to those we met who are interested in mid-December – so stay tuned!
Are you a professional grower interested in trying ZK GrowFactor out with your plants? Want to see how ZKSciences’s engineered soil amendments can help you achieve higher yields with better plant growth? Want to keep informed of the latest as we progress through trials and into production? Reach out and contact us!

Here are Liz and Dan at the ZKSciences booth at #GISC2019. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to ask us about ZK GrowFactor and to everyone whom we talked to at the show!

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