ZKsciences ZKBoost hydroponic media enhancer now available for purchase in Canada

Edmonton, AB: ZKsciences CanadaTM announces the immediate availability of ZKBoost hydroponic grow media enhancer for purchase in Canada.

Featuring patent-pending ZK GrowFactorTM engineered zeolite technology, ZKBoost media enhancer significantly increases flower growth and harvestable yield for plants grown in loose hydroponic grow media such as coconut coir, sphagnum peat moss and other soil-like media including Pro-Mix┬« from Premier Tech Horticulture. Simply mix ZKBoost hydroponic media enhancer into growing media before planting and enjoy dramatically increased yields without changing anything else in the growing process. Independent third-party trials carried out in Alberta showed a mean yield increase of more than 40% in Pro-Mix HP-M with no other change to watering, lighting or nutrient inputs – and without lengthening growth time to harvest.

“We’re proud to bring our revolutionary plant growth enhancer to professional and advanced amateur growers in Canada. Many growers in Canada grow their plants in indoor or greenhouse facilities hydroponically, and can increase their yields by adding ZKBoost to their grow media before planting,” says ZKsciences CEO and co-founder Matt Kuznicki. “Professionals can see increased yields and lower cost per saleable unit from their very next planting, without making any other changes to their current time-tested methods for growing.”

ZKBoost is available on Amazon.ca with special introductory pricing by searching for ZKsciences. For bulk purchases, please reach out to ZKsciences at hello@zksciences.com.

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