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ZKsciencesTM ZKBoostTM plant growth enhancer supports greater plant flower growth and increased yields for plants grown in higher porosity media such as Pro-Mix®, coconut coir, peat moss, lower density potting mixes such as Fox Farm® and similar container growing media. Depending on your plants, yield increases of more than 40% are possible!

ZKBoost increases yields without any changes to your plant growing cycle, lighting levels, watering levels or care schedules. Simply mix in ZKBoost before putting your grow media into your pots. Then plant, grow and harvest your plants as normal – and achieve increased yields at harvest time!

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ZKBoost plant growth enhancer - small (140 grams)

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Brand: ZKsciences

ZKsciencesTM revolutionary patent pending ZKBoostTM plant media enhancer boosts plant growth, brings bigger buds and flowers and increases your harvests.

Our proprietary mineral media additive increases growth and yields in a wide variety of flowering plants and vegetables. ZKBoost works with container grown plants in higher porosity loose growing media such as coconut coir and peat moss, media blends including Pro-Mix® and Sunshine Mix®, and living soils designed for container planting. Whether growing hydroponically in loose coco or more traditionally in low density potting mix, ZKBoost enhances your container growing media.

ZKBoost accelerates plant growth up to 40% or more without changes to lighting, watering or nutrient schedules. Simply mix ZKBoost into your growing media before planting. Water, feed and grow as you already do - ZKBoost works with your current growing process to deliver superior results!

The ZKBoost small box will treat up to 10 plants growing in 1 gallon plastic, clay or fabric pots. With the 140 gram (4.9 ounce) size you can boost the growth of:

  • Up to 10 plants in 1 gallon containers
  • Up to 5 plants in 2 gallon containers
  • Up to 3 plants in 3 gallon containers
  • Up to 2 plants in 5 gallon containers

ZKBoost is for use in container planting with compatible media only. ZKBoost is not intended for use in topsoil or mineral dirt.

Features and Benefits

  • Works great in hydroponic coco mixes - and in loose potting soil, peat moss or any other loose container growing media
  • Simply mix into growing media before planting. That's all you need to do for greater yields
  • Elevates nutrient availability to plant roots to promote plant growth, strong vegetation and boost flower blooms
  • Regulates water and nutrient availability to reduce runoff - more nutes and moisture make it to your plants' roots and into your plants
  • Works with your nutrients to produce bigger harvests. Increases plants' nutrient uptake capabilities (CEC) for better crop yield and size
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