Other Uses for Zeolites

Zeolites aren’t just used for improving soil! From keeping our environment cleaner to enhancing food longevity, zeolites have a wide variety of other uses. A few examples:

Water filtration

Zeolites are used to remove pollutants and purify water. From the pitcher in your refrigerator, to the oil sands, and even to removing radioactive contamination from the cooling water at the decimated Fukushima nuclear plant after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Air purification

Zeolites remove noxious odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that filters and activated charcoal alone cannot handle. Their microscopic pores allow zeolites to function like air filters but on a molecular scale to capture the smallest particles and molecules.

Waste gas upcycling

Landfills exhale huge amounts of mixed gases which are usually burnt off or discarded. By separating out useful hydrocarbons through their microscopic pore structure, zeolites allow upcycling landfill waste gases into useful fuels.

Produce preservation

Zeolites adsorb ethylene, the gas emitted by plants which triggers their ripening. Adsorbing ethylene allows fruits and vegetables to be kept at peak quality and freshness for longer with less spoilage due to premature ripening.

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