Daniel Kuznicki

Daniel Kuznicki, BS, Research Chemist

BS in Chemistry, Concordia University of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (2009).

Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, University of Alberta, Canada (2009).

Hazardous Materials Technologist for PHH ARC Environmental (2009-2010).

Joined Maxxam Analytics ultimately leading a small team of organic chemists in analysis for the oil service industry (2010-2015).

In 2015, Daniel joined Extraordinary Adsorbents Inc., a University of Alberta spinoff start-up company aimed at commercializing advances in molecular sieve (zeolite) science to high value added applications.

Daniel manages Extraordinary Adsorbents Inc. laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and currently manages programs in landfill gas upgrading, generating pure oxygen from air and specialty purification agents designed for the nuclear industry.


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